Midlake: the Courage of Others (more a promotion than a review)

Just thought I’d post a fleeting thought about a band that caught my interest this week. I heard Midlake for the first time on Monday 25 January. I was at the cinema and the song Roscoe was playing before the movie started. The song was mellow with a classic rock sound and the band are compared to Bon Iver and the Fleet Foxes in the Guardian. I love Bon Iver and while not a huge fan of the latter band I do like the acoustic, haunting, folksy sound.

The Guardian has instructions on how to download five tracks in their paper today, a review for their new album ‘The Courage of Others‘ posted on 28 January 2010, and an interview with the band on the same day.

I haven’t heard the album yet but Maddy Costa gives it four stars out of five and suggests the following about its sound:

Rooted in the minor key, the songs tangle argumentative guitars with portentous mutterings of prog-influenced flute.

The interview published on the same day indicates that Tim Smith is a fellow saxophonist and while my alto spends its dusty days under the bed rather than making music maybe his does too:

saxophone is cool but I wish I had picked up a guitar and checked out Black Sabbath in high school

“The Courage of Others” will be released 1 February 2010 in the UK and Europe, and 2 February 2010 in the US. They are on tour in the UK from 15 February 2010 but no listings for Bristol unfortunately.


  1. This is really a amazing piece. I will have to include you to my Feed list.

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