1234, a reflection

So much to say about 1234, but where to start? The soundtrack was immense and guitar led as fitting for an Indie tribute of a movie. Giles Borg’s first feature film is a veritable trove of indie music with each short scene preceded by a title track of a classic song such as ‘c is the heavenly option‘.

Short little fragments of scenes followed each other in the exploration of a band’s aspiration, union and evolution. The story was sweet and character based, the pauses were a fitting accompaniment to the sound filled-gigs and I mostly enjoyed watching Stevie, the main character, and his expressive appearance. He was the loveliest thing about the movie and was also there at the Q&A afterwards (sans the glasses unfortunately). The sound was basic on purpose, as the cast members Ian Bonar (Atonement, Starter for Ten) and Mathew Baynton (Gavin & Stacey) told the audience at the Watershed.

1234 is about the musical aspirations of Stevie and his pursuit to form a band. With a demo in hand the band go through the process of trying to find a record deal and getting out into the music scene. Jobs at a call centre are endured and play out with a familiarity that is not unlike the BBC show The Office and probably real life as well.

There was such a music-infused feel to the movie that at times I was in gig-mode, sinking back into the seat and just enjoying the sound. One audience member was so convinced that it was a real band, that he commended the actors for their musical abilities and suggested they try X-Factor and Fame Academy.

The Watershed screening was part of New British Cinema Quarterly which is a brand new programme of distinctive and original films from British filmmakers. Selected from the UK’s major film festivals, a new film will be screened each quarter and accompanied by a Q&A from the filmmakers involved.

1234 was the first film and there will be another screening in April with a similar format of presentation.

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