Banksy: Exit Through The Gift shop

Exit Through The Gift shop is a documentary directed by Banksy that was released yesterday at the Watershed in Bristol. The session had an introduction by Steve Wright who is the art editor of Venue magazine and author of Home Sweet Home. There weren’t any additional insights from the introduction but it did make the screening seem a little more special.

The documentary follows a film-maker following and trying to film Banksy. The story interweaves a history of urban street art with a narration that provides commentary on art and authenticity. It was funny and witty and colourful. Most fun.

Update: Oh and it had a great soundtrack.

Update 2: The film opens in the United States on Friday 16 April 2010 – see the New York Times review here.

Exit Through The Gift Shop is showing at the Watershed until 25 March. Watershed, 1 Canon’s Road, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX

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