NY, Bruce Davidson at the Tate Modern

I have a special fondness for photographers. They are the often unnamed historians who capture moments which can define a situation without needing a single word. Not that all photojournalists avoid writing. The Columbia Journalism Review’s column ‘Picture This’ mentions a memo written by a staff photographer and sent around on his last day at work. The online version is abridged but it’s still worth a read: http://is.gd/bFUPR. The version in the magazine brought tears to my eyes.

I was killing some time at the Tate Modern on Saturday and I came across Bruce Davidson’s photographs. His images have been described as “extraordinary for the depth of their feeling and their poetic mood”. When the subject matter consists of broken windows, poor east side communities or lonesome journeys on the subway then the depth of feeling can be quite impressive.

This photo in this post is a little tribute although I’m not sure I was supposed to be taking photographs.

3 responses to “NY, Bruce Davidson at the Tate Modern

  1. never heard of him before but, wow, that’s a lovely shot (and a cheeky little composition of you’re own, too!)

  2. He’s great isn’t he? and good spotting! 🙂 I didn’t want to make it a complete rip off of his work. Thanks James.

  3. Oh very nice! I missed these the last time I was there, I will have to have look when I am down there next.

    Tate Modern is one of my favourite places to photograph people, scenes and abstracts. You aren’t supposed to take photographs, but what the hell 🙂

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