Turquoise, Clifton Triangle


“Not officially open, but open” is the new restaurant Turquoise on Triangle South. With vegetable moussaka and calamari on the menu I wondered whether it was a Greek restaurant. “It’s a bit of everything” I was told. “You can call it Greek, you can call it mixed but just call it Turquoise”.

The opening was scheduled for Monday 24 May but they had a large booking last night. They are open today for lunch and until 12 at night. Turquoise replaces the recently shut Cattleman restaurant which was a one-stop shop for the devoted carnivore. Its appearance more reminiscent of a 70s lounge hall with crimson, velvet styled furnishings. Turquoise has a more spacious and light appearance already following the restaurant’s refurbishment.

With the view of the Willis building and the quieter location of the south side of Clifton Triangle, it could be perfect for summer. I’m looking forward to finding out.


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