Tantric Jazz, Gone

Tantric Jazz was one of the first restaurants / ‘Jazz’ cafes I visited in Bristol and I had a wonderful night there with friends and family. The good time was had very much despite the staff, the food, the music and the place so I don’t think the loss of Tantric Jazz is much of one.

The cafe / restaurant is now closed but the food at that time cost £13 a head and wine was extra. A waiter walked back into the restaurant after we were seated, holding a bag from Tesco, which probably contained our dinner. A couple of them were complaining to each other about how badly it was going. My dish of king prawns in garlic butter consisted of exactly three prawns and another dish of chicken in mango was chunks of unseasoned meat covered with mango chutney (Sharwoods I believe).

The price per head was meant to cover the music show and dinner for each person. The music labelled as jazz turned out to be Gershwin played on a synthesizer somewhere down the back of the room. None of us were impressed by the place but I didn’t go back so am not sure if this is a typical experience.

Monday nights used to be open mic events where you could jam with the in-house band Jazeera and other evenings focused on particular jazz styles. To me the closure of the cafe doesn’t feel like a sad event.

Tantric Jazz used to be at 39-41 St. Nicholas Street, Bristol

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