Transported: By Bike, Better

Today’s column is about the low cost, healthy and invigorating type of transport provided by ones own bicycle. In December 2009, I bought my first bicycle in 15 years, but haven’t used it since June. The inspiration is still there, however, and I am looking forward to using it again soon.

A lot of the inspiration comes from seeing so many other cyclists on the streets and reading about all the activities that take place locally. Bristol is the UK’s first cycling city and the Better By Bike organisation is a great source of information for beginner cyclists like me on their site.

What they also have, and which has received some news coverage recently, is their section on video clips that show cycling routes.

Some interesting ones online are the four following:

If like me you haven’t been out and about much, there are also videos that are inspiring and motivating. If you have a video will inspire other people you can upload it to the site and share your fun. I am still looking for a video of the Bath to Bristol path.

Check out the Better By Bike website for a healthy and inexpensive form of transport.

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