Heavenly cupcakes from La Dame Gateau

First there was a competition as part of a survey by Bristol Bites in which I won third prize which was a box of cupcakes. Thank you Emily!

The cupcakes were hand delivered by Erica of La Dame Gateau and the box was rather heavy.

The selection arrived with a menu and a warning from Erica that the Limoncello one contained alcohol. I made sure that this particular treat stayed for me as I adore the lemon flavoured liqueur.

The poor cupcakes were so large that they barely fit in their container. Chocolate and vanilla, sour cherry and almond, chocolate and orange cream, Limoncello, choca mocha, chocolate and caramel

I gave them some space to breathe and took the opportunity to have a closer look. The cupcakes still looked great.

I saved the Limoncello for later and started with the chocolate and vanilla cupcake.

I pronounced the decadently, top heavy cupcake as heavenly and decided to share the pleasure with friends. My housemate’s response to the sour cherry treat was ‘wow’ and Martin from Bristol Culture was amazed with his strawberry delight.

Thank you Erica and Emily for a wonderful start to the week and for a great suggestion for mother’s day. I will let my daughter know that I have the perfect gift all picked out so she needn’t worry.


6 responses to “Heavenly cupcakes from La Dame Gateau

  1. So glad you enjoyed them, and G and Martin too! :)))

  2. Hehe…not a problem at all. Just refuse baby visitors unless they come bearing cake 😉 x

  3. They’re no tthe same ones as the girl’s at St Nicholas Market that sell at Mark’s Bread?? They look AMAZING!! So jealous nearly tempted to ask for one frozen for me till i get ther eplease! Or maybe buying some more! CUpcakes to celebrate Baby B will be posted in the next couple of weeks – just deluxe – gorgeous packaging as well!! 🙂 xx Love the postcards!

  4. Thank you for such a wonderful blog!!!.xxx

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