Lahloo Tea and the Tovolo challenge

Lahloo Tea set out a challenge on their blog about getting tea bag hooked people to switch to loose leaf tea. I thought this would be a great thing to explore because in our household it’s all gone a bit tea crazy. Ever since I became pregnant, over nine months ago now, we have been stocking up and have over 20 boxes in the cupboard. There is a pot for tea but it sits on the window ledge and even when we do use it, it is usually filled up with tea bags and hot water.

The challenge is to try to drink loose leaf tea with the use of the Tovolo for a week and report on the progress.

The Tovolo is a tea leaf holding contraption which looks pretty in the package but let’s see how it works in real life. I boiled fresh water and washed the component parts of the olive green contraption.

I added the loose leaf Breakfast Tea, one teaspoon.

Then closed it up and added it to the water.

The first attempt wasn’t very successful as my ‘teaspoon’ measurement was too small. I wanted stronger tea and that’s what I achieved with the second cup.

The benefit to loose leaf breakfast tea is the fragrance that you just don’t get with PG Tips and Twinings. I’ve mentioned Lahloo tea on previous occasions as well but that was when I had ordered it when I’d gone out.

At home it was still a little strange. The tea was nice but if I didn’t drink it all when it was still hot, the Tovolo left a funny metallic taste. The process was quick and simple and the loose leaf remains still found their way into the compost pot just as the tea bags usually do.

I rate the tea extremely high for flavour and fragrance and yet I am still a little unsure about the Tovolo because of that metalic taste the first couple of times. The ease and convenience are pretty handy. The parts come open straight away and making a nice cup of tea is very easy. It wasn’t hard to keep drinking all week so it was a bit of a success for me. We only had one to try out however so at nights we sometimes had to use the pot. I think that it might be even nicer to try it with the rose tea and one of those individual tea pots would be amazing. Still, a lovely way to end an evening.

**Disclaimer: the bag of Lahloo breakfast tea and the Tovolo were sent to me by Lahloo Tea as part of the challenge and free of charge **

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