Question: who will not be the Apprentice?

In a very sad turn of events, the potentially hilarious Edward Hunter, has left the show when voted off and may have taken the catchphrase ‘roll with the punches’ with him.

I’m not offering any odds or any bets but I am wondering who will win the Apprentice this year. I can’t remember many of them so I can’t guess who will win. I do know who I don’t like so I predict Melody will be leaving soon.

Who do you think will not win the Apprentice?

2 responses to “Question: who will not be the Apprentice?

  1. I think Edward was the right person to go last night. He wasn’t very organised, had a tunnel vision (didn’t look beyond the task at hand) and didn’t use all of his potential. Not a good start!

    I’m not sure who Melody is, but I though the black woman with the long curly hair was much too bitchy and she won’t last if she keeps that up.

    (On a different note, I see you have a Notify my of Comments tick box – brilliant!)

    • I took your advice from the other post and added the comments notification. 🙂
      Melody was the leader of the other team and I agree with your choice too – her idea of not spending the rest of the money was just silly. What were they thinking?!

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