Arrietty, review

Be quiet and loving and fearless.
– Buddha

Both bravery and cowardice need fear to exist. When you are fearless you are somewhere outside of this concept, like a five month old baby about to roll off the bed without understanding that there is any danger. You don’t have to overcome fear – bravery – and you don’t give in to it – cowardice. You just do what comes naturally.

In this spirit of fearlessness, 14 year old and 10cm tall, Arrietty ventures outside of her safe house to collect flowers and follows her father into the enormous and unknown world of the human house. Her parents live a grey and conservative life but the flame haired little girl with her red dress just cannot hide.

New visitor to the house, Sho, spots Arrietty and this is the beginning of an adventure that will cause much upheaval to those who want to play it safe.

Arrietty is a beautifully crafted production by Studio Ghibli who have adapted Mary Norton’s classic book The Borrowers. Their previous showing at the Watershed in Bristol was Ponyo with its tale of love among difficulties.

Arrietty is an invitation to see the world from the fearless eyes of little people. It is such a beautiful sight.

Note: matinee shows are dubbed and evening shows are subtitled

Showing at the Watershed in Bristol

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