The Bristol Pound

What is it?

It’s Bristol money. You can exchange pounds sterling for Bristol pounds at exchange points. You can deposit pounds sterling into an account at the Bristol Credit Union and receive Bristol money.

It is backed by the Bristol City Council and the Bristol Credit Union.

It’s real money backed up by the FSA and all money is secure up to ¬£85,000.

How can you use it?
You can pay with cash, online or via mobile.

Where can you use it?
You can only use it with certain independent businesses who are involved with the scheme. As the BBC article says:

Already more than 100 firms are signed up. A family bakery, the Tobacco Factory Theatre, the Ferry company, dozens of small cafes – even Thatcher’s Cider will accept Bristol pounds.

If you are a business you can use Bristol money to pay your local business tax rates.

What you can do
Use the money; help choose a figurehead for the notes; help design the new currency.

I think it’s a great idea that will help people not only spend in independent shops but also learn more about which shops aren’t national chains. There is a local feel to it and anything that supports your own community must be a positive thing.

The website is convoluted and tedious. There is meant to be a directory of businesses involved but I can’t find it. Let me know if you do. The website says @BristolPound but the real Twitter account is at @TheBristolPound.

Playing On The Side, North St

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  1. South-Blessed interviewed Chris Sunderland one of the directors of the Bristol Pound, here is what he had to say

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