Glenn Harrold – The Answer

Glenn Harrold has produced 36 self-hypnosis mp3s, a bunch of self-help books, music downloads, relaxation CDs and various DVDs. He is one of the most prolific writers and producers out there but he probably won’t sound too familiar, unless like me, you have experienced stress for which you required relaxation or a pregnancy for which you wanted hypnobirthing suggestions.

His latest offering is a book called The Answer which is promoted as a way of making The Secret, that hugely popular instruction guide to success, come to life and work for you.

The premise may sound mystical but in fact it is more practical, pragmatic and very positive. Harrold’s work has more in common with master motivator Tony Robbins rather than Rhonda Byrnes. He talks about setting goals, making sure your thinking is aligned with what you want and also creating step-by-step plans on which you can focus.

Once your intentions and actions are working in the same direction, Harrolds provides guidance on how to use self-hypnosis to help your motivation.

The language and style are both positive and inspiring. If there is something which you would like to achieve and want some support then this book is ideal.

I enjoyed its style tremendously and I don’t mind admitting that I was already a huge fan of Harrolds.

Book was sent on request for review purposes.

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