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Some Monday browsing of news items and general blogging.

Click on the image link in the following tweet for some of the Mail’s commenters who are getting sick of Brick:


Google docs has become Google Drive and provided a bit of Dropbox functionality. You can sync files from your desktop and access them from Google Drive.



Unpaid jobseekers to deliver patient care in NHS hospitals

Ravi Subramanian, the head of Unison, West Midlands, said: “Far from Tory claims to protect the NHS, Birmingham and Sandwell hospital trust is being forced to find savings of £125m over the next five years.

“Thousands of staff are facing the prospect of losing their jobs and wards are closing. Now the hospital is making moves to deliver healthcare on the cheap, by using people on work experience to help with patient care. Patients and staff will rightly be very worried about the standard of patient care as this scheme is rolled out.”


Students paying more but quality is not improving at universities (Speaker’s Chair). Interesting but where is quality going to come from when universities aren’t really getting any more money? Also, “higher education” does not require capital letters.

University, or higher education, is about independent learning so there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the picture that Speaker’s Chair paint: “What students lacked in tuition they made up for in private study.” There is of course much wrong with a system that is based on this type of resource allocation to universities from ‘students’. I add quotation marks to “students” because money was historically allocated per student from the government and students don’t pay it but it is paid for them by the state.


You may remember the piece about rendition from a little while ago. At the time the government was interested in secret trials for anything potentially ‘in the public interest’. The UK Human Rights Blog writes about a possible change of plans.

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