The A to Z reading challenge

I spend three days a week commuting and most evenings staying home with my little girl. For a while I couldn’t find any spare time. All of it was spent on catch-up mode with housekeeping and baby duties. All of a sudden though I find I’m getting through books on my kindle app and eBook reader on my phone.

Since I’m not reviewing plays or gigs I thought I’d review books. My Books page is a little bare so my first task is to add entries under each letter of the alphabet. This is my alphabet challenge. I am currently on G, reading Glenn Greenwald’s With Liberty and Justice for Some.

Once I get at least one book under each letter then I am going to do it again so it is a complete alphabet challenge.

Anyone is welcome to join in. Add the following image to your blog and post on it if you like so we can all see your progress. Let me know in the comments and leave a link.

You can post your list of reviews and say which authors / titles you will read.


  1. Fun! I’m doing one already, an A-Z challenge, that is, so I won’t join in yours. Mine is here:

    I tried to read in order (start at A, end at Z) but I’m not sure that’s going to happen now – I have way too many books to read as it is to worry about their titles.

    It’s fun, though, and I hope you’ll find some good books to fill all the slots. Most likely, you come across books that you’d never even thought of, and so, discover some great (or bad) new books. Have a good time!

    1. Author

      That must be where I got the idea, Judith. I love reading about all your challenges and that’s how I got the nerve to do one as well.

  2. I am doing one A-Z also, I have 3 to go. Having trouble with finding a book that I like that starts with X!

    1. Author

      How fun, Carol. I love the kind of structure that challenges give to my reading. X is a tough one although I must say that I love a challenge and I certainly don’t expect to like all the books I have to read. I’ll drop by and see your ones.

    1. Author

      How brilliant, do let me know what book you’re reading. Good to hear from you 🙂

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