The Mousetrap, Bristol Hippodrome

The 60th year of the Agatha Christie‘s the Mousetrap sees the brilliant murder mystery go on its first tour outside London and land in Bristol. “It’s like a Midsomer Murders” someone said during the interval, “a bit hammy, a bit old-fashioned but fun” said someone else and they had almost no idea while still being spot on.

If you love the ITV3 repeats of Miss Marple and Poirot and the quality of Midsomer Murders when Barnaby was still Barnaby then you will love the Mousetrap.

This is the play that started the rest. There is depth to the characters, a quality to the story that makes you lean in and pay attention and wonder who exactly did it. There must also be some kind of magic that allows the audience to be still mostly ignorant to who was / is the murderer after 60 years and over 25,000 performances.

A guest house is snowed in and a murderer is among the guests. This is a fantastic whodunnit and not one to be missed. When you do go you will be asked to keep the secret of the murderer locked within your heart. For all murder mystery fans I can think of no bigger honour.

For some star-studded action, Bruno Langley from Coronation Street plays the young, newlywed guesthouse owner Giles Ralston, who has recently opened, Monkswell Manor. The rest of the cast are equally good and the stage sets are wonderfully authentic. The couch and armchairs, fireplace and wooden panelling make it look just like a movie set.


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Runs until May 4 at the Bristol Hippodrome

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