Ephemeral Knitting #2

I’ve called this post Ephemeral Knitting rather than ‘My week in knitting’ because it occurred to me as I was writing the second week, that I was putting all the stuff together which could be found in something called a magazine.

Hooray, I thought. I’ve always wanted to create a magazine and this might be the ideal way of working off the angst I have about opening a yarn shop which I can’t afford.

(Also, those posts are no longer weekly as it takes me so long to do them. Fortnightly, perhaps.)

All things to do with socks

cute_cable_sock_140305aFollowing the kind-of-success of finishing my first sock (of a pair) I have been fascinated with sock yarn.


Ravelry Threads

Ravelry is a knitter’s community paradise with forums, groups, patterns, yarns and anything to do with knitting or crocheting. I like to read some threads to get ideas and learn about various knitting techniques or patterns.

knitting through a book – Some great suggestions of knitting books that other people have already discovered. One of the first ones to be mentioned was a sock knitting book so that caught my interest. –

Knitting term of the week

Variegated – exhibiting different colours, especially as irregular patches or streaks.


There’s a sale on Sock Yarn with 20% off until March 24,2014 on KnitPicks. There’s this sock tool kit but I can’t tell how useful or not it would be.

Sock patterns

tube_socks_140319aThis Tube socks pattern from the Knitting Bunny looks very nice so it’s on my list of ones to try out.




Stitches / Patterns

single lacy rib stitch_140319aI’ve also had time on the couch since being ill with a chest infection so have been trying a Singular lacy rib stitch from Purl Avenue.




arctic_wrap_140319aPurl Bee – Laura’s Loop: Arctic Wrap

I have been coveting the yarn that goes along with this Wrap, when not coveting the actual wrap itself. I was impressed with how beautiful and simple it looks with the delicate colourwork.
improvised_stitch_holder_140319aA cable stitch that doesn’t need a cable needle. Twisting the Barbara Walker Way – I’ve not tried it out yet but it sounds fun, especially after forgetting my cable stitch holder this morning and having to improvise with a key ring. That was some stressful knitting.




Turkish slanted rib stitch

@purlavenue posted a blog post on a Stockinette Elongated Stitch which contains a dropped slip-stitch which I think looks very similar to this hat pattern I’m trying to find, apart from the slant.



When I suggested it to her she suggested I try the Turkish Slanted rib stitch, so I did.

Close, but no cigar, yet.







I’ve finished my daughter’s scarf in neon orange Schachenmayr and so I’ve been exploring how long a scarf should be anyway. I don’t know. If anyone has any information about this then let me know. She still doesn’t like it.mersinas_scarf_140319a





Some patterns

http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/baikal [free]

http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEwinter03/PATTcoronet.html [free]
The Regenerate shawl from Knitty

Nightsongs Nightingale – A dainty and elegant shawl with a repetitive leaf design [free]

Yarns / Shops
I had forgotten which yarn I had bought for my socks and then discovered on the website for Beshley’s Wool that it was Artesano British Wool. To my even greater pleasure, I found two skeins of soft Artesano wool in Red and purple that I had bought months ago and had stashed away.

My other favourite yarn this week is the Madeline Tosh Vintage and it can be bought from various places but here is a store in the UK. A lovely store with Uncommon Thread.

Knitpicks http://www.knitpicks.com/ – Hugely popular but I’ve just discovered them.

Loop – beautiful and wonderful yarn.

Sites of the week

Amirisu – A Japanese knitting magazine. Very elegant.


This Ravelry thread on what to do if you want to design knitting patterns is a great resource for anyone interested in that kind of thing.

Video knitting

I learnt, and still learn, how to knit patterns through YouTube and WikiHow or Blogs on the web so I am hugely grateful for all the resources out there. On the Mystery Knit-ALong I finished a few weeks ago, one of the trickiest 3-to-5 stitches was explained through the use of video. When I bought my spinning kit, I had no idea what the instructions were telling me to do so I looked it up on YouTube and managed to spin some yarn that night.

The knitting videos on the Purl Bee website are very helpful.

Ephemeral Knitting Kits – a query

I like knitting kits because everything is all ready to go. No delays, no wait no having to leave the house. Also, I really like the scarf I first knit for my little girl and the one I  just finished.

The Boston Schachenmayr yarn is soft and thick and bright, oh-so-bright, and the end results have been quite fabulous. Let me know If anyone would like to buy a scarf kit containing two skeins of yarn, knitting needles size 6 1/2 mm and some instructions and pictures of how K1P1 rib and K2P2 rib come out. I’m going to research different sizes and will list some colours too. The cost will be £15 so I can try it out.

Because you’ve read this far:

Octopi for premature newborns?

And the final pattern is for a backpack from Lion Brand. I think I registered first before I could access the pattern. It looks useful.

Happy knitting until next week.

Joanna – 19 March, 2014

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