On being thoughtful

I’ve not written about how tiring being a single parent was because I could’t find any way to describe it. How do you describe a state of exhaustion which makes you too tired to think of similes and metaphors?

And then I read a post On Wanting and new exactly how to describe it. Think about the exact opposite of wanting anything, being enthusiastic about anything.

That’s how tired I was. Mersina didn’t sleep through the night until she moved into her own room at two years and seven months old. That was about nine months ago.

It took about two months of mostly sleeping almost normally and then not every night until I felt well enough to feel enthused about things again.

I’ve not been thoughtful for a while on this blog and it’s mainly due to a lack of sleep and energy and wanting.

When the new little person arrives in a few months it might be a swift transition to not-wanting again but I’m not a single parent anymore so it may not be as bad. I don’t mind either way, it’s just nice to recognise the symptoms.20140714-190941-68981356.jpg

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  1. Hi Joanna, I know exactly what you mean about being tired. You just get through the day on half a brain. Hope it’s easier for you this time around. I didn’t know you weren’t single any more, but that’s great news. I think an extra pair of hands is needed to keep some sanity. All the best!

    • Thank you Judith, I am very curious to see how it will be this time around. And to see how labour will be too!

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