My knitting news seems to expand and change by the day and invariably I just don’t get around to writing it down. At the back of my mind there is a thought of cataloguing different ideas, techniques and patterns in a more coherent and sequential way. A taxonomy of knitting, if you will. I haven’t yet because I worry that having an order will take away the fun of discovering new things but the idea is there. I have discovered new yarns, discovered designers and patterns and cast on a few times. I’ve also won a few patterns!


Louisa Harding Amitola range of patterns; I knit a shawl for Mersina’s aunty Bridget recently and have begun another one with the Follow Your Arrow KAL. I liked the yarn well enough but it wasn’t until I saw the Louisa Harding Amitola patterns however that I became excited about its potential. I am now tempted to frog my just-begun-shawl and save the yarn for something else. lh_amitola_1 lh_amitola_2

Knitting terms

Talking about frogging, here’s a clip from NPR on the etymology of the word.


Brooklyn Tweed’s Wayfarer scarf is my current project.

wayfarer_140824aI’m not entirely convinced by the Rowan Tweed yarn I’m using but I’m getting more and more used to it. I love the design and the idea that you can create these ripples just through different types of stitches. One of my pictures has been selected as one of 10 finalists in a Brooklyn Tweed competition so if you feel like voting for the one with the three little people (I’m the one on the left) on the boot of a car, then click through to here. All the pictures are so cute.

Kate Davies designs – especially these two; kate_davies_2kate_davies_1

Kate Davies has made my favourite lists recently after Beshley’s Wool Shop (now shut down) posted about her owl jumper. I bought the Peerie Faerie hat and Paper Dolls jumper to try. I’ve been in the mood for some Fair Isle knitting for a while and had all the colours for the hat in Drops Karisma, apart from the greens which I ordered from wool warehouse.

After my sock debacle over Christmas and all the way through to March/April, I became very sick of them and never wanted to see another pair.

I got a bit excited with the Regia fluoro yarn however although it isn’t the most amazing in terms of texture and washing – the colours run. And now I’m still excited after knitting up some baby booties.


I had to knit three socks because my gauge was so off on the first one and they were way too dense. By the third sock however I had the technique down pat and actually enjoyed all the decreases and the toes and the heel and the gussett. I’d happily knit a few more of these little guys and am thinking of selling some so let me know if you’re interested.


Sockupedia looks good from the reviews so I’d like to take a look at that at some point. knitsocklove Love.Sock.Knit is a delightful collection of intricate but not-too-complicated, hopefully, sock patterns. I have some soothing, and bright sock weight yarn from Expression Fiber Arts with which I’m casting on the BFF socks and then hope to knit a few more pairs from the Cookie A book. mothernature knitsocklove_socks

Other projects

Christmas presents – My second tiny person is due to be born at the beginning of December so I thought my Christmas purchases needed some planning ahead this year. For my little people’s dad I have found a design for a cardigan that he likes and bought some Cascade Eco wool. It took three attempts to match the gauge on the swatch but I’ve now got it and am ready to cast on any day.


I have bought some Sublime Vivacious Yarn for a cardigan for my sister but at £14 a skein I’m pacing the purchases. I recently found two more skeins at 30% off when Fyberspates had their last sale (code: lastsale) before stopping retail business. The yarn itself is half merino and half silk, very squidgy, silken and soft – definitely sublime.

I’ll stop there for now but would love to hear other suggestions about designers and yarn if you have any thoughts.

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