London to Bristol route a success for James Attlee

Station to StationJames Attlee’s book Station to Station, about the London to Bristol route, is on the shortlist for the Stanford Dolman Travel Book of the Year.

Station to Station is a tale of journeys unlike those of the commuters who “lifting their eyes momentarily from an e-reader or pausing in their perusal of a newspaper to stir a cup of coffee, they may notice a town flashing past that they will never visit and wonder what happens there.” Attlee visited and wrote and travelled and observed as the GWR’s writer in residence. He was given a free travel pass and used it.

I first wrote about this veritable feast of travel anecdotes in Bristol247 and delighted in reading about Brunel’s cheeky plan to turn the horse at Cherhill into a steam locomotive that included the offensive letters GWR, after the villagers there opposed the railway; and then of the landscape’s “shifting gradations of colour, contour and light beneath the heavy sky,” on the way to the railway bridge at Maidenhead before passing the “view of the 12th century St Mary’s church at Cholsey where Agatha Christie, the author of the Miss Marple mystery 4.50 from Paddington, lies buried.”

Station to Station also has the honour of being one of five out of the six books on the shortlist that are by independent publishers. Guardian Books will undoubtedly be proud and this is one more book-related success for the media group. They were recently sold to the two employees who ran it. Long may the future of books and of Stanfords be a profit-making one.

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