Exposure by Helen Dunmore, Review

Exposure is utterly compelling but equally stressful. Dunmore wrote characters so well and this is a thriller that unfolds by following the lives of people caught up in a tense situation during the Cold War.
I could not stop reading until I discovered whether the characters would be okay, especially since little children were involved.

Dunmore often said she was interested in showing what ordinary people would have gone through in dramatic times and she does this scarily well in this, one of her last books before she passed away last month.

Helen Dunmore had lived in Bristol since graduating from the University of York in 1971 and was the first winner of the Orange Prize. She died at the beginning of June from cancer, which she revealed she had when releasing her book Birdcage Walk. This last book of hers was the only one set in Bristol.

4 responses to “Exposure by Helen Dunmore, Review

  1. Having met Helen once at a Swindon Writer’s Workshop, I can vouch for her calm, careful way with reading aloud as well as her writing. I am ashamed not to have read her recent work but Birdcage Walk is on the tbr pile in my Kindle.
    This review of Exposure reveals the context of the novel – not the content. A compelling call to pages.

    • Thank you, Shirley. Dunmore’s books are thrillers so I worry about giving anything way. She sets up the stories in such a way that just reading it is stressful. I knew the exact moment in Birdcage Walk that I just had to know how it would end. It was very near the start! I would highly recommend it. I’m now on the lookout for more of her books.

  2. I’d be interested in your reaction to The Greatcoat. While I wasn’t left disappointed I did have to adjust my thoughts to form my own opinion. Very like Helen to allow her reader some personal input.

    • That’s the one I’m trying to read next, I think! I had it downloaded from the library as an audiobook so haven’t quite found the time yet. I usually read ebooks in the middle of the night while my little one keeps me awake 🙂

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