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Week 1: Heartman vs Colinthology

Round 1, between Heartman and Colinthology, may be the most Bristolian of all because it is full of the paradoxes that make this city what it is. From spring to nearly winter there is a festival every weekend and one … Continue reading

Week 6: Eye Contact vs Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion

Airship Shape and Bristol Fashion is published by Wizard’s Tower Press who also produced the tribute Colinthology. They are a curious publisher who specialise in science fiction and fantasy but don’t want submissions and won’t read them if you send … Continue reading

Bristol novel rankings

Group 1 – The Elites Filer, Nathan – The Shock of the Fall (2013) Freeman, Anna – The Fair Fight (2014) Benatar, Stephen – Wish Her Safe at Home (1982) Brown, Chris – Guilty Tiger , Bovver (2002) Carter, Angela – ‘The … Continue reading

Order of play for the Bristol Book Tournament

The following table shows the order of play for the tournament. Group 2 v Group 4 Group 7 v Group 1 Group 5 v Group 3 Group 8 v Group 6. For the first month, for example, the books competing … Continue reading

Bristol Novel 2017

This page contains a link to all the information and posts about the Bristol Novel project. The methodology for the Bristol Novel has changed as the tournament faced challenges that made it an unattractive process in the end. I won’t … Continue reading

The list of Bristol books so far, whittling down to 32

Updated: 2014-05-21 In pursuit of the best Bristol novel ever written the first stage is finding as many Bristol novels as possible. Then there will be a selection and then the tournament. The list of Bristol Novels   Ames, Laurel – … Continue reading