By Tim Ross and  Tom McTague . Betting the House never once veers from its purpose – to explain what happened during the 2017 general election, including the campaign and the night itself. The authors are political journalists who produced this work within six months; an incredible accomplishment, no doubt in part to theirContinue Reading

I’ve decided to use only vegan yarn from now on and that has meant mostly cotton, linen and bamboo. However, there have been many sales on at various yarn outlets and I saw some nice-looking acrylic yarn on offer at £1.89 so I thought, why not. I bought it, itContinue Reading

New books are so much shinier and nice and I know this to be true because I’ve just bought about 20 over Christmas. I took advantage of many £1 ebook deals and filled up my Kindle. Thinking back, it could be 30-40 or more. I also have the ereader booksContinue Reading