I’ve decided to use only vegan yarn from now on and that has meant mostly cotton, linen and bamboo. However, there have been many sales on at various yarn outlets and I saw some nice-looking acrylic yarn on offer at £1.89 so I thought, why not. I bought it, itContinue Reading

My knitting news seems to expand and change by the day and invariably I just don’t get around to writing it down. At the back of my mind there is a thought of cataloguing different ideas, techniques and patterns in a more coherent and sequential way. A taxonomy of knitting,Continue Reading

I’ve called this post Ephemeral Knitting rather than ‘My week in knitting’ because it occurred to me as I was writing the second week, that I was putting all the stuff together which could be found in something called a magazine. Hooray, I thought. I’ve always wanted to create aContinue Reading

I have found a new jumper I love. It is a cable knit in a deliciously intense burnt orange. SACAI Cable knit silk back jumper http://www.deramores.com/katia-merino-baby-049 I’m still trying to find the right orange colour for something similar to the jumper. Please let me know if you see any.