I’ve known a few psychology students and graduates but only one has said something that I still remember over a decade later. We were talking about the difference between thinking and writing and she pointed out that you write linearly. Linear order forces your writing into some kind of structure,Continue Reading

One of my challenges for the year ahead is to write some blog posts in particular genres or styles. I’d like a sitcom, horror, drama, science fiction, fantasy and whatever else I think of at the time. Part of the challenge is to practise my writing while the other partContinue Reading

The Unemployed Hack calls himself a downwardly mobile journalist and his blog recounts memories of times as a tabloid journalist to day to day recallings of signing on and dealing with a very low income. He has been unemployed for almost six months now. He was previously a reporter, aContinue Reading

Last year this time I said I would post every day but I didn’t manage it. The thought of trying again has been gently prodding and poking at me for the last few weeks. There is something comforting about having to write. Having to find something to post and notContinue Reading

I once had a friend who was a writer. She was a brilliant writer; passionate and artistic. She carried with her a well worn book of Catcher in the Rye and in her notepad of literary scribblings, she had written out Cavafy’s The First Step. She wrote it out inContinue Reading