Black Coffee at Hart’s Bakery Sometimes Hart’s Bakery is the best thing about travel. 12-July-2013   Coming back from holiday Here is where we were, it was a lovely place and we have a rather wonderful time – I forgot to take pictures of the coffees 14-July-2013      Continue Reading

My coffee is in front of Maya, daughter of artist Luke Jerram, and now a pixelated sculpture at Bristol Temple Meads. The piece is made up of more than 5,000 photographic scans made into pixelated cubes. I shared my attempt to find the little girl yesterday with Bristol Culture.

I drank my coffee while my daughter watched Mike the Knight* on Cbeebies. The show is on for about seven minutes. I also made toast for both of us, washed some dishes, made the coffee and then sat down to check my email. By then she’d finished with Mike andContinue Reading

Today I had decaf grande soy white mocha because the nice barista made it for me. He knew my order and I’m not sure why he thinks I have decaf but I don’t mind. Also, porridge. Grande, because I forgot my travel mug. It was so hot that m keptContinue Reading

On our way to anywhere-by-train means a visit to Hart’s Bakery for lovely coffee and custard tarts and Eccles Cakes and pasties, sausage rolls and generally anything amazing on offer. That day had pasties, custard tarts and Eccles cakes on offers and real disappointment on coffee. The picture shows theContinue Reading