New cafe Full Court Press has opened on Broad Street in Bristol and it adds itself  to the list of good quality coffee connoisseurs. I enjoyed a well-made soy latte made with BonSoy milk and Mugomera coffee by Roundhill from Burundi. ‘How do you drink your coffee?’ determines what youContinue Reading

Papadeli is one of my favourite places for a coffee, a wander and some delicious food. Today they also set up shop a few hundred metres closer to me at the Royal West of England Academy. The decaf, double shot, Americano was very nice and there is a selection ofContinue Reading

I am at home drinking lukewarm instant decaffeinated coffee and it tastes a hell of a lot better than the large mocha I didn’t really enjoy on St Michael’s Hill today. With 40 minutes to spare before an appointment I wandered down to the cafe which sits right in theContinue Reading

The coffee beans were so fresh that they still glistened as they were scooped up from the choice of the day selection to be ground for my filter coffee. The barista nodded his approval as I declined the offer of sugar and milk. I don’t think he would have beenContinue Reading

In the last few years, my experience of visiting the Folk House has been one of walking through the alleyway off Park St, walking into the little concrete garden, noting that there was no one about and then walking swiftly out again. I must have done it three or fourContinue Reading