On Wednesday, last week, we went to visit Mersina’s childminder in Clifton. We then went by Papadeli where I enjoyed a delicious coffee and and a chocolate croissant while Mersina ate some of her plain croissant. It was lovely.

If any place was suited to host a fine dining experience in tea then it was meant to be Clifton and it could only be from Lahloo Tea. The premises of what used to be Thaiphoon have been transformed into a light and open establishment set over three levels. ThereContinue Reading

Papadeli is one of my favourite places for a coffee, a wander and some delicious food. Today they also set up shop a few hundred metres closer to me at the Royal West of England Academy. The decaf, double shot, Americano was very nice and there is a selection ofContinue Reading

Chipotle chilli mayonnaise for £3.00 and lavender rice pudding for £3.50 are just two of the reasons that make the Arch House Deli a special treat to visit. The varied, and mostly imported, products in this emporium mean that it is extremely colourful but also slightly out of reach inContinue Reading

I thought the service was pretty poor but I still enjoyed the food. The indifference and boredom of the staff was only comparable to the time I went to Hotel du Vin, stood at the bar for 10 minutes without acknowledgement, then turned around and walked out. I wasn’t particularlyContinue Reading