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Top five places for breakfast in Bristol

Update: this list has been updated at this link

Breakfast suggestions were flying around Twitter this morning so I thought I would put together a top five for this weekend.

1. 40 Alfred Place is hosting a French pastry morning this Saturday with delicious taste sensations baked by Laura from Harts Bakery. From 8am till noon, they shall be providing a deliciously continental petit déjeuner avec croissants, pains au raisins, croissants aux amandes, pains au chocolat, baguettes, croque-monsieur et bien plus encore.

2. Lahloo Pantry in Clifton Village is probably the most wonderful place for cakes and tea plus one type of coffee. In addition they serve unlimited toast, boiled eggs and soldiers and French toast among other breakfast items.

3. Source food do the best pancakes with maple syrup and bacon. The pancakes are a bit teeny, however, which is strange as they are probably the cheapest part of the dish. I have also had some lovely French toast and boiled eggs and soldiers there. Most importantly the coffee is good – Extract Coffee as also served at 40 Alfred Place.

4. Primrose Cafe at Clifton Village is quite nice if the weather is lovely and pleasant and you can get a table outside. They have fresh orange juice and very tasty cooked breakfasts and pastries. When I have to sit inside and it’s a little busy, my claustrophobia kicks in and the fact that they have the radio on is doubly annoying.

5. The Watershed on the Harbourside. My daughter loves their scrambled eggs so much that last time we were there she grabbed my fork and nearly ate all of mine.

Bonus. Arch House Deli – Their food is amazing and they serve coffee and pastries. Not really dedicated to breakfast but still a very pleasant place.

Brunel’s Buttery on the Harbourside – SS Great Britain and M Shed side – is also notable for its crowd-drawing abilities. I have yet to go but many Bristolian’s swear by its tastiness and hangover-curability.

Mersina at 40 Alfred Place

Places that are in my bad books at the moment:

1. Rosemarino in Clifton: We visited on the Diamon Jubilee bank holiday Monday and I wasn’t that impressed. Their scrambled eggs were dry and their toast was drier. The other breakfasts looked very nice but their coffee was served in minuscule portions and their orange juice was served from individual bottles.

Saying that, the restaurant itself was lovely and the music was pleasant. It may have been an off morning. Their pastries, made in-house, were excellent.

2. Bordeaux Quay on the Harbourside: The last time we visited they were so busy that the service was barely polite. The full English breakfast may have been local and ethically sourced but the homemade beans were bland and the sausage was tasteless.

I actually still hold a grudge from the time I visited about a year ago and instead of serving me a stack of pancakes, the chef just made one big pancake which was entirely unpleasant as a visual experience.

Used to be: The Market Place, Now: The Elephant

One of my favourite restaurants in Bristol was the Market Place but I regret that I never dedicated a post to it. The restaurant deserved more than an aside to a Myristica-edged bit of nostalgia.

My first visit was with my friend Adele last summer and I had the loveliest whole plaice in a butter sauce. The prawns starter was made up of peeled salted king prawns which were incredibly good. The only thing that was just normal was the dessert selection which left only the treacle tart as the preferred choice. Not bad but a little stodgy as a way to end a light, seafood based meal.

The second visit was a fish and chips meal before a visit to the Old Vic and a third one was with family friends in February. The food was special enough to follow the champagne we shared to celebrate a PhD graduation. I had a main of Jacob’s Ladder, mash and cabbage. The starter was of herring roes on toast with garlic butter and the dessert was a bitter chocolate tart.

The beauty of the Market Place was a food focused, bar and restaurant, with a small selection of dishes. It’s a format that worked beautifully but the option to visit is no longer there. Following a fire in the cellar last February the place was put up for sale. The Market Place has now moved on to the Star and Dove in Totterdown apparently.

On St Nicholas St, the new Elephant public house opened up two weeks ago in the bright, white building. Ben Bartrip and his partner Sarah Eskins opened the bar after returning to England from Melbourne, Australia. The refurbishment already makes the place look lighter with the purple of the bar stripped back to the light wood underneath. Food is still being served and the bread is home made apparently so I’ll reserve further comment until I visit. Keep a look out for a review.

The Elephant Public House, 20 St. Nicholas St. Bristol BS1 1UB. 0117 929 3561, info@theelephantbristol.co.uk

Food Court, the Mall in Bristol

When I last wrote about wandering around Bristol city centre in pursuit of some food, the food court at the Mall, didn’t even cross my mind. However, the Galleries, as the Mall was known then, was the first place I dined alone and went exploring. I was staying at the Travelodge at the Haymarket and ventured out for a jacket potato with cottage cheese and chives from Fat Jackets. It wad nice and you probably can’t go too wrong with a potato.

There are currently six food outlets although I think it was down to three for a while when the oriental food stand shut down.

Currently there is Cafe Roma, proudly sponsored by Nescafe. There is a Subway franchise, the Fat Jackets place is still there and for £2.99 you can try their summer special of tuna and mixed beans. The oriental food is divided between two outlets: Noodles and Rice. The rice displays are all covered up and a sign suggests that everything is cooked from fresh. The last food place is Burger King where a Shopper value meal will cost you £4.29 for a burger, French fries and soft drink of your choice.

At 11.51 on a Tuesday the courtyard had an assortment of patrons who were mostly white haired and nursing a mug of something from the cafe. If it was a latte it will have cost them £1.40. The noodle or rice dishes are around £5. Not somewhere I have dined for a few years but I am intrigued by the noodle dishes. Some other day.

Offers: Discounts are available at Burger King, Subway and Fat Jackes with a free ‘Reward Me’ card from the Mall.

The Mall Bristol, 25 Union Gallery, Broadmead, Bristol, BS1 3XD. 0117 929 0569