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My cardigan has arrived and it’s not from a shop

My new winter cardigan has arrived and just in time. It is warm, it is lovely and it is in just the right colours for me. I can’t remember how much it cost, I think I used about seven balls of Rico Melange wool at between £3 and £3.99 each so around £30.

The colour is not exactly as was intended. I still have a lot to learn about how colour and texture translates from wool to knitted product. Mine turned out stripy-ish while the picture calls for a more speckled design. I’m not too fussed though. I love my cardigan and it’s warm and for the first time in ever, I created it myself.

cosmo-cardigan I used this pattern from Vogue Knitting and the red-green version of this wool from Budget Wools in Cheltenham and Deramores and spent the last four months knitting, unpicking, resewing, and then doing it again and again.  A lot of that time  was on the train during my commute and watching Golden Girls.

It was a lovely time.

I still need to find four buttons and tidy up those hanging threads. I will do the latter, probably, through YouTube. That’s where I found most of the solutions to my problems.


I’m not trying to be artistic, the light was a bit tricky. How does one take a good picture of a cardigan?
















My cardigan is a little wonky here and there but it’s very wonderful and my first attempt at a big project.

Details of my next project, a Scandinavian patterned handbag, coming up soon.

Cable knit cast on, YouTube brilliance

When I’m feeling poorly or just drained of energy (are these the same thing?) I indulge in mindless and repetitive behaviour. Sometimes these behaviours become passions and hobbies and other times they fade. I post this in the mid/end throes of a passion for knitting. And also of marathon Golden Girls-viewing on YouTube.

knitting needles and a ball of wool and a woollen square

I’ve been taking my knitting with me everywhere the last few weeks. I have been knitting squares for Syria which the Rainbow Cafe in Clifton are collecting and have spent about a week unravelling the mess I made of the beautiful and pricey wool I bought.

Squares and scarves are about the only things I can knit so far but I’m trying my best to learn. I have a method of casting on which seemed fine but recently it has become a bit of a struggle with my new silkier wool so I looked for a new method while I was waiting for the train and found it on Google. There was a video on YouTube but also some pictures on a Wiki.

I bought new wool and circular knitting needles and have been making something seamless but unrecognisable yet too.

knitting round and round

You really can find anything on YouTube. We have a YouTube on the PS3 and once you load a search query it plays the suggested videos automatically. I’ve been searching for Golden Girls full episodes and watching them for hours. That’s what I do with my time. In case anyone was wondering. Being very glad of YouTube.