Do I, don’t I? I don’t know. I didn’t set out to lose weight or to firm up. I have instead gradually started paying attention to my food. I signed up to the Bristol 10k because I used to run and figured I could again and then tonight I foundContinue Reading

I talked to a wellness life coach recently and while I expected her to have all the answers, it turns out she was armed with the right questions and let me find all the answers for myself. Linda Formichelli had an offer for some practice sessions and I contacted herContinue Reading

The new year has come and gone and I have managed only one resolution so far. I have jotted down some other things I’d like but there’s one strong resolution about posting every day while the not so resolute ones include generally broad themes such as be creative, sell anContinue Reading

There is a sentence in my post-marathon write-up which kept coming back to me around the time of the Bristol 10km. “After those 10 miles it would be the last 10km and I could run that distance even feeling unwell”. Nearly a month after I wrote that, I am notContinue Reading