Spamalot, review

Monty Python’s Spamalot has nothing to do with the internet or the status of your inbox. It is set over 1000 years ago and is a musical, which in its own parlance ‘farts in the general direction of other musicals’.

Lovingly ripped off from the performance of Monty Python and the Holy Grail it provides not only a parody of the Arthurian legend but also of other musicals and more often than not, of itself, too. The jokes and the witticisms will be familiar to Monty Python fans but there are twists and new additions and most of all there is the fun dancing and self-mocking songs such as The Song That Goes Like That Is.

The crowd are suckers for the classic set ups and they riproared with laughter and recognition at the knights of ni and then the knight who insisted he was merely suffering a scratch as he lost both arms and legs.

There was a dig at Samantha Brick and some praise and reverential singing towards the mighty fine city that is Bristol. You’d think the crowd would be a little more cynical, seeing as most of them were in their upper middle ages but perhaps they don’t get out much.

Marcus Bristocke, as King Arthur, and his companion Patsy, better known as Mark Fowler from Eastenders or Todd Carty, were the big names who got themselves put on the posters outside the theatre. They were ok but were massively upstaged by the rest of the cast.

The glamorous Bonnie Langford, as the Lady in the Lake, hammed it up with her magnificent voice and stole the show from a lot of the other performers. The dancers from the ensemble with their stunning costumes were quite spectacular and the dancing from the rest of the knights was very well done so some well deserved praise to choreographer Jenny Arnold.

Kit Orton as Lancelot was outrageously and wonderfully fantastic as the French Taunter who told King Arthur that his master already had the holy grail. What a giggle. He was great throughout the show and his energy never seemed to let up.

Great costumes, great choreography and so much fun. Spamalot is destined to be one of the best productions at the Hippodrome this year and remember, it is not about the internet, it is because they eat spam a lot. See?

At the Bristol Hippodrome until April 28.

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